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L'Invisibile Doors

What the eye does not see

The L'Invisibile system, offered exclusively in Australia by Edilart refers to an exclusive invisible door system designed for use in the home or office. L'Invisibile is the Italian household name for invisible doors.L'Invisibile is an exclusive patented system of doors and technical closures fitted perfectly flush with the wall that eliminates the need for visible jambs, architrave, or exposed hinges. The system guarantees perfect continuity between door and wall and ensure flawless moving parts and smooth opening. Edilart are the only importers and distributors of the L'Invisibile Door System, in Australia.

L'Invisibile loosely translates to 'Doors without limits', simply because invisible doors are perfectly adaptable to any interior space. They have the potential to fully customise any area, adding character and style to any living space. The perfect alignament effect offered by L'Invisibile gives the designer the chance to express and convey tangibility and reality to his own idea of architectural and functional space.

The L'Invisibile product range comprise of the Hinged System, Concealed Sliding System, Pocket sliding System, Vertical Pivot System, Vertical Pivot System Filo 10 and Special Closure lines can indeed become indistinguishable from the architectural wall selecting any type of decor or wall painting or either be given light through the choice of glossy and mat lacquering, precious wood and any other kind of covering material.

L'Invisibile Hinged System: Perfectly flush with the wall, this door is the modern interpretation of the traditional swing door, they are designed to fully integrate with the architecture of a house, fitting every design requirement and interior design or solution. Technologically composed of a Passivated extruded aluminium nucleus frame and a panel with hollow-core structure, 50mm thick, made with a perimater frame in solid wood with high-density honeycomb interior, finished with 2 MDF sheets, 5mm thick, on each side. Includes stop seals. It is available in standards sizes of 700,800,900 mm wide and 2100 mm high. Non-standard size are produced in all sizes between 500mm up to 1100 mm width and 1900 mm up to 3000 mm height (single leaf). Available in double wing, trapezoid shape, curved and arched.

L'Invisible Hinged available now in fire resistant -REI 30- version.

L'Invisibile Vertical Pivot System: A perfect flush with the wall door which opens by revolving on itself. It moves by means of concealed pivot pins that can be positioned starting from 65mm from the door post to the midpoint of the door panel. Available with or without stop, can be open up to 360 degrees, obtaining a very exciting effect of movement. L'Invisibile Vertical Pivot System is ideal for panel walls made of innovative high-tech materials, perfect solution for interior doors, walk-in closet doors, maxi panels, equipped walls, large sized doors, can be made in all dimension up to 2000 mm in width and 3000 mm in height in the single leaf, double leaf doors can be manufactured as well.

L'Invisibile Vertical pivot Filo 10 is the advance version of the Vertical Pivot, sharing the same system of concealed pivot pins, but made with a 100 mm thick panel.

Concealed Sliding System: is the first flush-to-wall sliding door an exclusive patented system that offers an innovative and elegant solution to the classic sliding doors. Two cams cause the door to move; these cams allow moving the panel completely flush with the wall (when closing) and slide it inside the wall (when opening). The door operates by sliding along a panel supporting carriage rail, all mounted within an aluminium casing. Opening can be automatic, by pressing a button that is also flush with the wall, or manual, by a flush fitting handle.

Pocket door: an innovative product that revolutionises the concept of assembly, handling and maintenance for sliding doors. Basic directional system that guide panel movement in alignment with the jamb, the visible leaf surface are absolutely free of through grooves. Directional system which keeps the door centre line aligned when the leaf slides, guaranteeing optimal panel stability and avoid sideway oscillation at opening and closing. For more info Click Here